How to Plan the Perfect Summer Event
1. Make it FUNN!

Our friend Mark Collard, of, says that a great event needs to spend time having FUNN (Functional Understanding Not Necessary)! Of course we want our participants to learn about life skills, career placement, college prep, and goal setting…but if we don’t have FUNN first the participants can find themselves disengaged and disinterested. Take time to make it FUNN!

2. Create a Full Value Contract

Full Value Contracts are the social and behavioral norms that exist in any group (teams, work organizations, families, etc.). They are the written and unwritten rules that are in place to help everyone get along. It is necessary for groups to create a Full Value Contract to build cohesiveness.

3. Hire Paradigm Shift

We specialize in FUNN and Full Value Contracts in combination with planning powerful summer programming. Whether you need a keynote speaker, breakout leadership workshops…or just want us to plan your entire event…we can help you make a huge difference in the lives of your participants.