3 Ways to Engage Students Who Won’t Participate (And How to Keep Them Engaged Once You Do!)

Bored. Uninspired. Disheartened. You've met these types of students and you know they aren't bad students. They are just students who haven't been reached...yet. One of the toughest tasks we face as teachers, leaders, counselors, advisors, or even parents is to get the disengaged to become engaged with learning. Students are more distracted than ever. [...]
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Binomial Nomenclature Race – A STEM Team-Building Activity

How many times have you heard that math is hard, no fun, or lame? STEM problems and classes seem like torture to most students. We found ourselves asking the question that many people before us have been troubled with: how can we teach STEM concepts in a new way that engages and excites students at [...]
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Essentials of Public Speaking Course

Are you ever called upon to speak in front of a group? Do you have a message and want the world to hear it? Are you missing out on opportunities because you lack experience speaking to groups? This workshop is for you. From beginners to professionals, this workshop will take you to the next step. [...]
July 14, 2015 Workshops

11 Creative Ways to Split Up a Large Group into Smaller Groups

Woodstock. The World Cup. Your classroom. Large groups of people can be awesome and provide enormous amounts of contagious energy...but they can also bring chaos, distractions, and even destruction. If you are leading a large group and want to create a sense of intimacy for learning to occur, you have to break them up. Large [...]
July 8, 2015 Icebreakers

Serious Fun – Professional Development Workshop Opportunities

Serious Fun is a serious of practical one-day training for teachers, corporate trainers, outdoor educators, camp & youth group leaders. Paradigm Shift is honored to host Mark Collard, from Melbourne, Australia, for six workshops across the country: Durham, NH - Mon, Sept 22 Tulsa, OK - Thur, Sept 25 OKC, OK - Fri, Sept 26 [...]
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PS #001 – What is the Difference Between Team Building, Adventure Activities, and Experiential Learning?

Welcome to the Paradigm Shift Podcast. On the very first episode, your hosts Ryan Eller and Mark Collard share their thoughts on the differences between team building, adventure activities, and experiential learning. We talk about our favorite books, websites, and resources that help us as facilitators, and we share our favorite activities.   Listen Here […]

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Carl Albert State College Leadership Camp

The Paradigm Shift team spent three wonderful days at Carl Albert State College in Poteau, OK with their Upward Bound Programs. These are some of our favorite pictures from the event. You can find the rest of the pictures on the Paradigm Shift Facebook Page. We can’t wait to see you guys do amazing things in […]

Princess, Knight, Rider – An Energizing Team-Building Activity for High-Energy Participants

Princess, Knight Rider The Paradigm Shift team just returned from a two week long leadership camp adventure in three states and with over 300 hundred high schools students. These students always had a ridiculous amount of energy, and we wanted to play a few activities that reflected their level of enthusiasm. Our “go-to” activity to […]

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Stepping Stones – A Classic Group Collaboration Activity

Number of Participants: 5-25 Time:  30-45 minutes Activity Level:  Moderate Props:  Stepping Stones (paper plates, carpet squares, pieces of cardboard) 2 ropes or masking tape as a boundary, and throwables Objective:  As a group, the entire team must cross from one side of the room to the other without stepping foot in the “hot lava.” […]

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Our new salon!

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