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Playdough Debrief – Use This Classic Tool After a Team-Building Activity

I love simple processing activities. When I finish an activity or a day’s worth of programming I often need an easy tool to debrief all of the emotions and experiences we have shared. It doesn’t get much easier than playing with playdough! The classic toy helps the kinesthetic and tactile learners in your group learn […]

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Saying Goodbye – A Great All-Day Processing Activity for Team Building and Leadership

This is a great processing activity that links workshops from the beginning to the end, and creates a sense of camaraderie amongst group participants by raising self-esteem. Saying Goodbye Number of Participants: 5 and up Time: 15-25 minutes Activity Level: Low Props: Paper, Markers, Tape Objective: To leave positive remarks on another participant’s paper that is hanging […]

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Take a Stand Debrief – A Perfect Way to Process a Team Building Activity

Adding props to a debrief or processing activity can often help participants open up to the rest of the group. Take A Stand Debrief utilizes props to create conversations about an activity, initiative, or even at the end of a day. Number of Participants: 2-200 Time:  5-20 minutes Activity Level:  Low Props:  Any prop that […]

Likert Scale Debrief

There are times before, during, or after an activity when the facilitator needs to check in with the group and Likert Scale Debrief fulfills that need. Number of Participants: 1-100 Time:  1 – 15 minutes Activity Level:  Low Props:  None Objective:  To rate a participant or group’s energy level, engagement, etc., using their own personalized […]


I first learned Tweener with Jerrod Murr at a Project Adventure training with Nate Folan. I instantly moved this activity towards the top of favorite activities list.  Tweener is a fun, active, and versatile activity that can be used as a name game, icebreaker, energizer, a debrief, or for just plain FUNN (Fundamental Understanding Not […]

Board of Directors

I love ending days on a positive note, that’s why I always try to end a particularly productive or stressful day with an uplifting activity…Board of Directors. I first learned Board of Directors from Jerrod Murr (yes…my personal assistant), after a great day at one of the 20 Camp volunteer trainings. Read the description below […]

The Hundreth Monkey and Traffic Signs

This week’s activity comes from the recently published Project Adventure book, one of the best activity books I have ever read: The Hundredth Monkey: Activities That Inspire Playful Learning. In my opinion it should be sitting by the desk, bag, or shelf of every facilitator for both quick reference and to develop sound foundational theory […]

Fortune Cookie Debrief

Have you ever had an awesome workshop, ropes course trip, or initiative with a group and then be at a complete loss of words and have no idea on how to debrief afterwards? I know I certainly have. I sometimes literally hear crickets after an activity when I ask students to share their thoughts. Other […]