Creating Culture

Human beings are built to do incredible things. When the environment is right, we can build civilizations, create new technologies, and discover new ways to make life better. That is, “when” the environment is right. Our job as leaders is to create that environment. One that is safe and encourages creativity and accomplishment, rather than fear and insecurity.

From 8 Track to Emoji

Millennials are now the largest population in the workforce. The generational markers are more unique than any other generation.
How we work with Millennials is not only the question, but rather how do we integrate their ideas and values into our company culture. We discuss the major trends we see with Millennials, and the questions associated with those. We will also discuss practical strategies on creating better work environments in which Millennials thrive.

Work-Life Balance

The concept of work life balance is fantastic. However, in todays hectic schedule with distractions contrary bombarding us, and access to work 24 hours a day, how does one actually achieve balance in life? in this keynote, we deconstruct what we mean by “work-life balance” establishing a common framework from which we can build the ultimate lifestyle goal.


Trust is often viewed as a wonderful soft skill or an additional nicety that could potentially help a company culture. This is a drastic understatement and a misrepresentation of the true value of trust in any organization. We believe trust is not only beneficial, but necessary in any culture that creates lasting change. Our goal is to not only increase trust within your organization, but also help you reconsider what trust truly is and how it affects our effectiveness.

Parlay: Connecting With People In A New Way

What is the difference in a network and a sphere of influence? In the new global economy, relationships are the currency of choice. The way you do business is more relevant than any other time in human history. We discuss proven strategies for making more meaningful connections with peers, how to strengthen those relationships, and how to leverage those connections for mutual gain.


The Paradigm Shift team treats their keynotes as more than a lecture. It is a conversation. It is powerful. More than anything, it is an opportunity for the audience to become engaged in the material they are learning and to make it applicable to their own lives. Our keynotes are guaranteed to change your group’s viewpoint on leadership. We will get your participants moving, thinking, and laughing so that substantial learning can take place.



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