Meetings, meetings, meetings. Meetings get a bad rap.

They are both a blessing and a curse. We meet because we need to develop, process, or disseminate information but often that doesn’t happen. Typically they get drudged into the minutiae of agendas and politics and all things that are wrong with meetings.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can still run efficient meetings and accomplish our agendas, but in a way that is fun, engaging, and interactive…with Gallery Walks.

Make Your Meetings Matter

Gallery Walks are simple and you’ve probably seen them before. Hang a few poster boards, dry erase boards, or flip charts around the room. Place some markers and Post-It Notes around the room as well.

Use the posters as idea generators, brainstorming boards, goal sheets, or a place for questions. An example could be: “What is the most important question we need to answer today?”  Write that at the top of the poster and review the answers once everyone has had a chance to answer.

I use Gallery Walks as a collaborative piece to all the material we need to cover in the meeting. It helps the meeting be led by the attendees and not just the facilitator.  See detailed instructions below:

Gallery Walk

Number of Participants: 5-25
Time:  5-10 minutes
Activity Level: Low
Props:  Flip Charts, Tape, Writing Utensils Post-It Notes.

Objective:  For the group to review the galleries around the room.

Set Up: Tape 4-5 Flip Charts on the Walls with questions posted at the top of the page. 

A gallery is a collection of paper, Post-Its, notes, and many other pieces of participant’s work taped to the wall or hung from a clothesline. For fun, implement a gallery walk and act as if the group is at a museum viewing word famous works of art.


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