Paradigm Shift is in the business of empowering and collaborating leadership facilitators. If you lead any type of group and would like to instill experiential and strengths-based curriculum into your programming, our train-the-trainer events are for you.

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Train-the-Trainer events focus on mixing hands-on instruction with in-depth theory. The Paradigm Shift consultants have developed the “Pool Party Theory” and “10 Stages of Sequencing” as the models in which they facilitate all of their workshops, keynotes, and trainings.

Comprehensive training for leadership facilitators.

Each training will add hundreds of tools and processes to your leadership expertise.

The Train-the-Trainer events will give each participant an opportunity to learn hundreds of leadership activities that can be customized to fit any curriculum or programming. Each training includes a book with detailed descriptions of the activities, comprehensive analysis of the Pool Party Theory and 10 Stages of Sequencing, and also lesson plan samples to implement into any program.