Leadership Camps

Leadership Camps

Paradigm Shift will change the way you do camps. An exciting trend for educational and faith-based organizations is hosting a leadership camp for students. These camps incorporate a variety of aspects of your program, and have drastically increased student engagement.

Camps can be 1-5 days and held during summer break, spring break, or even a weekend. Paradigm Shift specializes in designing every aspect of these incredible camps. Each camp will be focused on your program’s objectives and desires.

Leadership Workshops 4


Each workshop is custom designed to work with your program’s desired goals in mind. All workshops incorporate experiential learning (learning through a reflection of doing) and provide groups of all experience levels opportunities to create and enhance their leadership skills.

Our leadership workshops focus on stengths-based learning to cultivate powerful results. The Paradigm Shift staff creates every workshop based on your current curriculum, props and staff to develop an individualized event perfect your program!

Leadership Keynotes 4


The Paradigm Shift team treats their keynotes as more than a lecture. It is a conversation. It is powerful. It is fun. More than anything, it is an opportunity for the audience to become engaged in the leadership material they are learning and to make it applicable to their own lives.

We use cutting edge theories and techniques from experiential-based learning to infuse leadership into every single one of our keynote addresses. We invite the audience to join us on an adventure of learning in a fresh and challenging way.

Leadership Conferences 4


The Paradigm Shift team is invited to present, keynote, or exhibit at over 25 professional and leadership conferences each year.  Our unique blend of interactive activities and practical leadership programming is a perfect fit for any conference looking for fresh plenary or breakout sessions.

We also hosts leadership conferences for organizations looking to create a customized conference for their team, staff, or clientele base. Click below to see a typical agenda, what we have to offer, and how our conferences put the lead back into leadership.

Leadership Retreats 4


Paradigm Shift hosts retreats all over the world. Organizations looking to merge leadership with adventure can join Paradigm Shift on a once-in-a lifetime retreat. Each retreat is part learning and part camaraderie. We focus on creating an atmosphere that invites participants to relax while reenergizing.

Whether you have a retreat planned near your headquarters, or if you would like to join us around the world, the Paradigm Shift leadership retreats allow you to focus on your team while we provide the training. This will be a retreat your organization will never forget.

Leadership International Trips 4

PS International

Leadership and travel. The Paradigm Shift focuses on providing clients with opportunities to learn unique leadership skills and abilities while enjoying the most beautiful places around the world. These trips combine hands-on training while experiencing life-changing summits and adventures.

Previously, our international leadership workshops have been hosted in Brazil, Cuba, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Australia. We have workshops and conference opportunities for leaders in Zambia, Peru, the United Kingdom, and Antarctica in the near future.

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